Next: 01 Professor Motoharu Onuki

What shall we do at “Sustainability Science”?

Time: May 29th (Tues.), 2012 13:00-14:30
Place: 3rd Floor Lounge, Environment Bldg.

Resource limitation? Renewable energy? Climate change? Environmental technology? Environmental regulation? Environmental economy? Internalization of external economy? Environmental management? Environmental governance? North-South Issue? Human rights? Ethics? Norms? Meaning of life? Change of value system? Sustainable consumption? Transition management? Environmental education? Development Education? Education of human rights?

So many things here.

What should we learn?

Maybe we should learn how to study rather than what to study.

I’d like to share my personal thoughts through 6 year-experience in sustainability education.

Sustain.Cafe Poster #01


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